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Ice-cream Loaf

When I was a kid, my favourite thing in the entire world was ice cream cake! Who doesn’t love ice cream cake?? That’s why I was so excited about this recipe- it’s cold, creamy, refreshing, sweet, and this one just happens to… Read More

Acai-Goji Ice Cream

Summer means one thing to me- ice cream! If you’ve been following my blog regularly for a while, you’ll know I LOVE everything about ice cream! It’s creamy, it’s refreshing, it invokes memories of childhood and brightens up a summer day. This… Read More

Cranberry Ice Cream

The warmer weather is quickly arriving, so I decided to come up with a sweet treat to feed my boys (and enjoy myself!). These cranberry popsicles are so creamy and sweet, but without any of the processed sugars, artificial colours and preservatives… Read More

Vegan Coconut 🌴 Ice Cream 🍦

  I have a confession- I LOVE ice cream! Like, I could probably eat ice cream every single day! It’s refreshing, it’s sweet, it’s cold, and it brings back all sorts of fun childhood memories for me. My boys love ice cream… Read More