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Watermelon ice pops with hemp seeds

I’ve been making ice pops all summer for my kids. They’re a fun, easy way to beat the heat, but store bought ones tend to be full of sugar, artificial colours and flavours, and absolutely zero nutritional value. That’s why I love… Read More

Quinoa porridge with rhubarb

A little while back, I created an overnight oats recipe using quinoa flakes. Since then, I’ve really enjoyed playing with quinoa flakes more, and coming up with fun variations for porridge. This version is a stove-top porridge, although you can definitely make… Read More

Hazelnut bars

Most of the time, I like to make simple, easy recipes that are delicious and healthy. I mean, as a mom of three young boys, I don’t have a lot of time on my hands to play around with complicated recipes, and… Read More

Mango-Clementine parfait

With the heat we’ve been experiencing, I keep looking for refreshing, hydrating dessert options to cool me down.  This mango clementine parfait is just the thing to satisfy my cravings when the temperature goes up. It’s so smooth and easy to eat,… Read More

Ice-cream Loaf

When I was a kid, my favourite thing in the entire world was ice cream cake! Who doesn’t love ice cream cake?? That’s why I was so excited about this recipe- it’s cold, creamy, refreshing, sweet, and this one just happens to… Read More

Cashew cream truffles with hazelnuts

I bought a chocolate mold a little while ago, and am officially in love!! Who doesn’t love those beautifully crafted artisanal truffles you see at those specialty shops? Every time I walk by a chocolate shop window, my mouth waters and I… Read More

Chocolate Cashew yogurt

My kids love chocolate! I’m pretty sure they inherited their sweet tooth from me, so I do my best to come up with new, sweet, chocolatey, healthy snacks that they can enjoy. That’s why I love this yogurt- the kids love the… Read More

Stir Fry Vegetables with Chickpeas

Do you ever have those days where you’re hungrier than usual? Like, really, really ravenously hungry? Whether it’s because you’ve been burning more energy than lately at the gym, at work, taking care of kids, or something else entirely, we all need… Read More

Mini Blueberry-Acai cupcakes

These blueberry-acai cupcakes are so flavourful! They combine two of my favourite superfoods in one delicious bite-sized dessert.   I have this theory that when you eat small cupcakes, they don’t count the same way that big ones do! I know this… Read More

Vegan Donuts with Raspberry glazing

A little while ago, I tried making vegan donuts for the first time. They were so good! I love being able to give my family (and myself!) treats that are actually healthy, and donuts are one of my favourite guilty pleasures. These… Read More